Think With Ink: Graphic Facilitation Workshop, April 11-13 2017, Chantilly, VA

I'm very pleased to announce the launch of Think With Ink, Lizard Brain Solutions' 3-day flagship graphic facilitation training. Limited to 16 learners, this is an intensive workshop that covers the essentials of using visuals to facilitate a group process. The workshop covers three areas:

1.     Technique: Markers, paper handling, color use, lettering, drawing, forms, levels of information, listening for synthesis.

2.     Models, Methods, and Tools: visual energizers and icebreakers, meeting principles and ground rules, and visual tools for brainstorming ideas, comparing ideas, and collaboratively deciding the way forward.

3.     Experiential Practice: hands-on exercises with an experienced graphic facilitator.

This workshop is meant for:

  • The facilitator who wants to build a repertoire of visual tools,
  • The graphic recorder or sketchnoter who wants to expand into graphic facilitation,
  • The team member who wants to bring visual, participatory methods to the team,
  • The consultant who wants to help clients think through problems in a visual manner, or
  • The visual thinker, the whiteboard salesman, the data visualizer, or anyone that sits in the intersection of visuals and helping others solve problems.

You will receive: 

  • Book, Graphic Facilitation (includes DVD)
  • Book, Fundamentals of Graphic Language
  • Set of 8 Charters® Markers
  • Roll of twenty-five-yard paper
  • 5 pads of large yellow sticky notes

This hands-on, practice-driven workshop will give you everything you need to graphically facilitate groups through the toughest challenges.

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